Technology &  Science :  Remote sensing,  Orbital  mechanics,  Communication,   Computer,   Electronics  

Invited  talks,  articles, study  resources on few  select  technology.

Initiatives,   Concepts,    Methodologies,  &  Applications    related  to  

Remote Sensing,     Orbital  Mechanics,    Communication, 

Computers ,    Electronics


The  topics   may   be   of   interest   to :

   1.   Many  Science   and  Engineering  students  because  such  topics  are

         not specifically  covered  in  their  regular  graduate  level  courses  or


   2.   Any  person  who is simply motivated  by  interest  and  curiosity  to  

         learn and  know  new  things. 

   3.   Some practicing scientists who  are in need or want to broaden

         their knowledge  base. 


Topics   of   interest :

   1.   Remote sensing : Imaging, Image processing,  GIS,  GPS

   2.   Communication  Technology  & Systems  : Few  Study Resources

   3.   Computer Technology &  Systems : Intelligent  Machine-Human

         Communication Interfaces.

   4.   Electronics Technology &  Systems : Studies  on  Electromagnetic

         pollution,  e-Waste,  Health  hazards,  Challenges.

   5.   Orbital  Mechanics :  Modeling  &  Simulation


Move   on  to   respective  web  pages  :  

   1Remote Sensing ,       2.   Communication ,       3. Computers ,

   4.  Electronics,                  5.  Orbital  Mechanics .


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