Student  &  Faculty  Projects   :    Academic  research   and application  oriented   endeavors

  Updated  Dec. 20,  2015

The  Student Projects   are . part   of    Academic  program.

The  Faculty   Projects  are  Academic   research  or   applications 

oriented   endeavor  sponsored  by   industry  or   professional 

R&D  Organizations  like   DRDO,   DOS,  DST,   DAE .


Guidelines,  requirement, scope, implementation

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Guidelines  for  Student  Projects

by R C  Chakraborty,  December 30, 2007,  Page 1 8. 

Here Student  Projects are  of  Final year  B.Tech, CSE,  projects of 20 to 30 credits. The Project  duration is one year.  The project  guidelines include :

   *  Project Title  - how to choose ?

   *  Introduction  - relevance  and importance of the  project ;

   *  Requirements -  comes or generated from users;

   *  Feasibility study - considering  all aspects  of  the project;    

   *  Scope/Objectives - set  clearly the project objectives;

   *  Requirement analysis - analyze requirements to generate general design inputs;

   *  Activity time schedule -  the manner in which the project will be executed;

   *  Detail  design -  start of system / subsystem level detail design;

   *  Implementation and  Testing - coding / programming, integration, execution,

       evaluation of results;

   *  Completion report - complete  all documentation.  







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