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Next President of India - who is ? 

Article posted on June 14, 2007, by RC Chakraborty,

This question remained open from the day the Honorable President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was elected. President Kalam’s term will expire on 25 July 2007. Thus an election is due for electing a new President. Incidentally . . .




Scientist leaving DRDO – why call attrition ?  

Article posted on  June 23, 2007,  by RC Chakraborty.

The  DRDO  Directors’  Conference held  on February, 21, 2007 was effective in a sense  that  media started  reminding about  DRDO  functioning more frequently. . . Assuming that what all is said is correct, then DRDO must be Looking for alternatives to its failures, which means DRDO is preparing to take few “hard decisions”.  

Some hard   decisions I  have in my mind  which I  would like to share are  : . . .








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