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Social,  Economic  and Environmental  issues  are   addressed.

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The Natural  Resource Defense Council (NRDC) works to tackle the biggest environmental  issues  we  face today. NRDC is US  most  effective action group of over 2 million members and online activists with the courtroom clout and expertise  of  nearly  500 lawyers, scientists and  other professionals.


Priorities : Curbing  Global Warming and Creating the Clean Energy Future,  Reviving the World's Oceans, Defending Endangered Wildlife and Wild Places, Protecting Our  Health  by  Preventing  Pollution,  Ensuring Safe and Sufficient Water, Fostering  Sustainable Communities.







The Center for Strategic and  International Studies (CSIS) has developed   practical  solutions to the  world’s greatest challenges. The  Center has  over  220  full-time staff  and large  network of  affiliated  scholars  conduct research and  analysis  and develop  policy  initiatives that look to the future and anticipate change.


Topics : Defense  and Security,  Energy & Climate Change,  Global Trends and Forecasting, Global Health, Governance, Human Rights, Technology, Economic Development  and Reconstruction, Trade and Economics and many sub topics related  to  these.




Global Issues  


This   Website   is  hosted   by  an  individual    Anup Shah.  This web site looks  into global issues that affect everyone.  There  are over 550 articles on this site, discussed  trade,   poverty and  globalization, human rights, geopolitics, the environment,   and much more.  The web  sites,  reports and  analysis  to  help  provide  credence  to  the arguments  made  on  this  web site.


Topics : Aid, Arms Control,  Arms Trade,   Biodiversity,   Causes  of  Poverty,  Climate Change and Global Warming, Conflicts in Africa, Consumption & Consumerism, Corporations,  Economics & Trade, Environmental Issues,  Food  Dumping,  Food and Agriculture, Free Trade,  GM  Food,   Geopolitics, Health Issues, Human  Population, Human  Rights  Issues, International  Criminal  Court,    Iraq Crisis,  Middle East,  Natural  Disasters,  Nuclear  Weapons,  Palestine / Israel,  Sustainable  Development, Third  World Debt,  War  on  Terror,   World Hunger &  Poverty,  and   many  more.






 Updated  Dec. 20,  2015

International issues are addressed.

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