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Study  Material  for   School,   College   &   University  Students .

For  students   preparing   subjects  Physics    and   Mathematics,  also

assignments    and   Projects : 


Free   on-line courses,   textbooks,  lecture  notes,   tutorials,  and  videos

in   thousands   are   on   internet.    Few   are   most    intensively   used   as

valuable   resources   for   teaching  and   learning,   titled  as : 

Free   on-line tutorials,   Learning  objects,   Open  courses,   Homework

help,  Digital   library,  etc.   The  server   log   statistics  of   these   websites

are  over 50 million   hits   per  year.


The  webpage  subsections  titled,   Core subjects   and   Assignments

are  devoted  to   school  students  of   10th ,  12th   &   College standard. 

   1.   For   science   subjects  Physics   and    Mathematics

         links  that   give  most   comprehensive    coverage  are  suggested;

   2.   For   assignments,    demos,    experiments ,   projects

         links  that   give  most   comprehensive    coverage  are  included.  


Move   on  to   the   respective   web   pages :

   1.   Core subjects   and    2.   Assignments



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