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Physics  :   For  School &  College students   study materials




This site is hosted by Department of Physics  and Astronomy, Georgia  State University.  Online  tutorials material organized  through extensive  concept maps.

Topics :  Electricity  & Magnetism,   Light &  Vision, Sound  & Hearing, Relativity,

Astrophysics,  Quantum   physics,  Nuclear  physics,  Condensed  matter, Heat & Thermodynamics,  and   Mechanics.




Khan Acadamy Physics  


This site is partnered  with  institutions  like  NASA,   Museum  of  Modern Art California Academy  of  Sciences, and  MIT to offer  specialized content.

Topics : One-dimensional motion,  Two-dimensional motion,   Forces  and Newton's laws of motion,  Work and  energy,   Impacts and  linear  momentum,   Moments,Torque, and  Angular momentum,  Gravitation,   Oscillatory motion,  Fluids, Thermodynamics,  Electricity  and Magnetism,   Circuits,   Mechanical  waves and Sound,   Geometric optics,  Light  waves,  Ask a  Physicist! 




Wolfram World Of Physics  


This site resource has  been  assembled over more than a  decade  by  internet Encyclopedist  Eric W. Weisstein with assistance from the  internet  community.

Topics : Astrophysics,  Electromagnetism,  Experimental Physics, Fluid Mechanics,History and  Terminology,  Mechanics,   Modern Physics,   Optics,   States  of Matter,  Thermodynamics,  Units and  Dimensional Analysis,  Wave Motion.








Mathematics For  School &  College students study  materials  




This site  hosted  by  Department  of  Physics and  Astronomy,  Georgia State University,  is  collection  of  foundation  mathematics principles and  applications.

Topics : Algebra, Trigonometry,  Geometry, Vectors, Linear Algebra,   Logarithms, Exponent,  Calculus,   Differential  Equations.




Khan Acadamy Mathematics  


This site is partnered  with  institutions  like  NASA,   Museum  of  Modern Art, California Academy  of  Sciences, and  MIT to offer  specialized content.

Topics : Early  math,   Arithmetic,   Pre-algebra,  Algebra basics,  Algebra I,   Basic geometry,  Geometry,  Algebra II,  Trigonometry, Probability  and statistics,  Pre calculus,  Differential calculus,  Integral calculus,  Multivariable  calculus,Differential  equations,  Linear algebra,  Recreational  math,   Math  contests.






This site is created, developed, nurtured by Eric Wessitein with contributions from the  world's mathematical community.

Topics : Algebra,   Applied Mathematics,   Calculus  and Analysis,  Discrete Mathematics, Foundations  of  Mathematics,  Geometry,  History  and Terminology,

Number Theory,  Probability and  Statistics, Recreational Mathematics, Topology.




Wolfram Functions


This site is created  with  Mathematica and  is  developed and  maintained  by Wolfram  Research  with  partial support  from  the National Science  Foundation.

Topics : Elementary Functions,   Constants,  Bessel-Type  Functions,  Integer Functions,   Polynomials,  Gamma, Beta,  Erf,  Hypergeometric Functions, Elliptic Integrals,   Elliptic  Functions,  Zeta Functions  and Polylogarithms,  Mathieu  and Spheroidal Functions, Complex  Components,   Number  Theory  Functions, Generalized  Functions.








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