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Fifth  generation  computer  technology, Intelligent  communication system,  Man-machine  intelligent  interfaces,  Information  sharing   models  and  more   leading   to   Intelligent  Machine-Human  Society   are   addressed.


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Website, Blogs, Social Sites :  Create  web presence in the  world of Internet

by R C Chakraborty, Jun. 21, 2015.

This article will let you think and know – how to create web presence in the world of internet, what all you need, start from where, and the kind of efforts required. All  these questions  are answered in most simple way  sharing practices.

The following are included along with examples :

   -  What are World Wide Web ? ,  

   -  What are  Web 1.0 , Web 2.0 and web 3.0 ?

   -  What is Website ? What a Website consists ?

   -  What is Blog ? What a blog consists ?

   -  What are Social media and Social networking sites ?

   -  Creating Web Presence :  Website,  Blogs,  Social media & networking sites

   -  Creating Brand name




Intelligent  Machine-Human Communication  Interfaces

by R C  Chakraborty,  Dec. 05, 2009.  Invited talk in Annual National Conference of Vijnana Parishad of India, National Symposium on ‘Recent Developments in Applicable Mathematics & Information Technology, at JIET, Guna, on  Dec. 05, 2009. 

The following were presented :

   -  Timeline of Computer & related Communication technology : Modern digital

       communications & Internet era,

   -  Timeline of AI events - new generation of AI, Perspectives on AI, myth and

       speculation, Machine-human Intelligence Interfaces,

   -  AI in early 21st century, Technological singularity.

   -  Conclusion : we require seamless, easy-to-use, high quality, affordable

       communications between people and machines, anywhere, and anytime,

       leading to "Intelligent Machine-Human Society".




Influence  of  Artificial  Intelligence  on   Communication  Systems 

by R C  Chakraborty,  April 16, 2008, Invited talk at Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment, Research & Development Center (SASE RDC, DRDO), Chandigarh, on April 16, 2008. 

The following were presented :

   -  Timeline of telecommunication technology,

   -  Timeline of artificial intelligence technology,

   -  Timeline of AI events,

   -  Modern digital communications,

   -  AI vocabulary – intelligence, knowledge, learning, knowledge model, knowledge

       typology map;

   -  Building intelligent communication systems :  Intelligent Mobile Platform, 

       Voice Recognition across Mobile-Phone, knowledge Based Networking.

   -  Conclusion : we live in an era of rapid change, moving towards

       "Information to  Knowledge to Network society".




Artificial Intelligence Technologies

by R C  Chakraborty,  March 15, 2008, Plenary talk at National Conference on Communication Systems and Networking (CSN), March 15-16, 2008 at JIET, Guna.  The following were presented :

   -  Artificial Intelligence : definitions, goals,

   -  Timeline  AI  technology and  events,

   -  Transition from lab  to  real  world,

   -  National  endeavor,

   -  Sub-disciplines, and  future.

Conclusion : Despite advances in last 50 years, the original goals set by first generation of AI visionaries have not been reached. The natural intelligence is far from being understood, and the artificial forms of intelligence is still very primitive, (Ref : 50th Anniversary Summit of  Artificial Intelligence, 2006).




National  Science Day - Lecture on 5th Generation System &  Artificial Intelligence

by R C  Chakraborty,  March 30, 2007

Invited talk On the occasion of "National Science Day, February 28, 2007", The Institute of Engineers (India), Madhya Pradesh State Center, March 30, 2007.

The following were presented :

   -  Over view of computer systems since 1940,

   -  The first generation to till today the fourth generation,

   -  The Fifth Generation System from 1956 : Artificial Intelligence

   -  Definition and goals,

   -  Approaches, techniques that make systems to behave as "Intelligent" :

       describe and match, goal reduction, constraint satisfaction, tree searching,

       rule based systems.

   -  Biology inspired Artificially Intelligent techniques - neural networks, genetic

       algorithms, reinforcement learning.

   -  The applications of AI - game playing, speech recognition, understanding

       natural language, computer vision, expert systems.

   -  Conclusion : Simple tasks which a 3-year-old can do,  have not yet been

       realized artificially" (Ref : 50th Anniversary Summit of Artificial

       Intelligence – 2006). 








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