Career   Information   :   Institutions   &   Opportunities

Information  about   Engineering  &  Management  Institutions   and 

the  Opportunities.

This webpage  sub-sections   Engineering ,   Management ,   Opportunities

provide   information  about  :

   1. Institutions :    

       Indian   Institutes  of   Technology ( IIT’s), 

       National   Institutes  of   Technology (NIT’s), 

       Other    Top   Engineering   Institutions   &   Deemed  Universities,

       State-wise   Engineering   Institutions  &  Deemed   Universities.   

   2.  Courses  offered :  

       Civil,   Mechanical,  Electrical,  Chemical,    Electronics, 

       Computer   Engg,   etc.

   3.  Admission  process  -  Forms,   Tests,  Fees,  Seats,   Counseling, 


   4.  Infrastructure   exists -  Faculty,   Laboratories / Workshops,

       Hostels,   Extra Murals,    Placements.

   5.  Accreditation  obtained -  Recognition,   Affiliation,   Rating.


Move   on  to   respective  web  pages  :

   1. Engineering ,     2.  Management ,     3.  Opportunities



 Updated Dec. 20, 2015

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