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Caution : Obligatory Safety Warning

Many science  demos, experiments, and fun play have the potential to stain, poison, kill, burn, explode, electrocute, sterilize, or may  lead to any unforeseen bad things or make a big mess. If you decide to conduct, perform or setup any demo, or do experiments or play fun, then it should always be in presence of your teacher and not alone or not just among your friends. If you are unable to get the presence of your teacher then just don't even start.  Consider this as sufficient warning.

Exercises  on  Physics 

Exercises in Physics


This book by Jennifer Bond Hickman, Prentice-Hall, Inc., page 1-257, is treinforce the concepts that is already learned in class and to give an opportunity to try some calculations.

Contents : Motion, Vectors and Projectiles, Forces, Momentum, Energy and Machines, Circular Motion, Law of Universal Gravitation, Special Relativity, Solids, Liquids, and Gases, Temperature and Heat, Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves and  Sound, Reflection and Refraction, Lenses, Diffraction  and Interference, Electrostatics, Direct Current Circuits, Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction, Modern Physics.




Physics Notes


This document is a set of class notes by Bigler Lynn English High School,  page 1-514, provided so that students can fully participate in class discussions without  having to worry about writing everything down.

Contents : Introduction, Laboratory & Measurement, Mathematics, Kinematics (Motion), Forces, Angular Motion & Torque, Energy & Momentum, Special Relativity , Thermal Physics (Heat), Electricity & Magnetism, Simple Harmonic Motion & Mechanical Waves, Light & Optics, Pressure & Fluid Mechanics, Atomic & Particle Physics .




Ask the Van


This is an On-line activity. Physics Van  question-answer website  run by a  dedicated  group of volunteers  since 1998 based  in  the Department of Physics  at the  University  of  Illinois. You  may ask  a question following  certain guidelines and  they try toanswer  as  many  questions as they can.

Question Categories :   Making  Stuff Move,  States  of  Matter  & Energy, Electricity  & Magnets,   Light &  Sound,  Underwater &  Air,  About Space, New  &  Exciting  Physics,  Everything  Else.






Exercises  on  Mathematics

Math Practice


This is 'The World of Math Online'. is dedicated to providing revolutionary ways for students, parents, teachers, and everyone to learn math.

Subjects : Basic Math,  Everyday Math, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry,  Statistics ,  Calculus, Advanced Topics, Others .



This is  On-line activity. Practice general math problems with Aberdeen Academy's free program designed for teens and adults who require online continuing education.

Topics : Algebra 1, Algebra 2,   Geometry, Pre-calculus.




Maths For Kids


This is online activity - Math competitions, exercises and games,  for children aged 6 to 11, year 2 to year 6, grade 1 to grade 5.

Topics : Additions, Subtractions,  Multiplications,  Ordering numbers, Word problems, Counting by steps, Measuring length, Flat shapes,  Measuring time, Metric system, Measuring length, Measure weight,  Measuring surface area.




Mathematics Revision Exercises


This is online activity offered  by University of Canterbury,  New Zealand.  This  includes worked examples in topics studied in various 100-level mathematics courses.

Topics : Functions, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation and Applications,  Linear Algebra, Integration,  Differential Equations, Matrices and Determinants, Sequences and Infinite Series, Vector Geometry and Vector Calculus, Functions of Two Variables.






Experiments  & Demos  in  Science Subjects

Easy Physics Experiments for Children  


By Muriel   Mandell.  More than 103  different experiments  and   demonstrations  planned  to  illustrate  important principles of physics.  

Topics :  Matter and Air, Matter and  Water,  Mechanical Energy and  Machines, Heat,  Sound,  Light,  Magnetism   and   Electricity.






Projects on Science  Subjects

Science  Fair  Projects  

Science  Fair Adventure is an authority on science fair projects, ideas and experiments, to educate and enhance the learning experience for students and science fanatics. Each project is designed for the novice, with complete listing of required materials and project background.


Subject  Physics


Project list :  Additive Colors, Balloon Rocket Car, Build an Electromagnet, Build an Inclinometer, Create Lightening, Egg in a Bottle, Floating Ball Experiment,  Floating Balloon, Friction and Vibration, Galileo's Experiment, Homemade Windmill,  Inertia of an Egg , Jar Compass, Levers And Force, Lift an Ice Cube, Long Lasting Bubbles, Magnified Light, Make a Fuse Model, Make a Parallel Circuit, Make An Elevator, Make Electric Circuits, Make Objects Float, Make Static Electricity, Matchbox Guitar, Missing Reflection, Musical Bottles, Paper Bridge, Sound Waves, Spectrum through Water , Static Electricity, Super Strength Egg, Vibrating Coin , Water Displacement .




Subject  Mathematics


Project list :  Bernoulli’s Principle , Checking vs. Savings, Math and Gender ,  Mean, Median and Range, Play-Doh and Volume , Refraction in Water, Statistics and M&M’s






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